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Interview de Gala pour la sortie de son nouveau clip “TASTE OF ME”

Interview de Gala pour la sortie de son nouveau clip "TASTE OF ME"



Everyone knows Gala’s Freed From Desire – the track of the nineties that dominated dance floors across the globe and stacked up a host of international awards. A cult artist known for her minimalist look and haunting voice, she has sold over six million records worldwide. Her debut album “Come Into My Life” included the multiplatinum singles “Freed From Desire,” “Let a Boy Cry” and “Come Into My Life” which reached the Top 3 on charts across Europe, South America, Russia and the Middle East, and continue to be fixtures in clubs today worldwide.

In the last year alone her music has been used for the new Nissan advertising campaign in Spain, sampled by pop sensation Frida Gold (reaching #2 in the German Charts), performed by Greek star Helena Paparizou at the MAD awards, and covered by French singer Dana on the TV show Nouvelle Star. Her 2009 album “Tough Love” included collaborations with a host of incredible producers including the Balkan Beat Box influenced Tamir Muskat (currently at #2 in the Billboard Charts with Jason Derulo) and Kevin Rudolf, who recently went to #10 in the Billboard charts with Little Wayne.

Earlier this year Gala headlined at the 2014 Winter Olympics in the Medals Plaza in Sochi. The performance was broadcast live on Europa Plus TV, the largest music channel in Russia. She performed an hour set which amongst others included her three new singles: Lose Yourself In Me, Taste Of Me and The Beautiful.

By whatever route Gala has landed in your life, we are certain she has offered more than a little dance relief. It is therefore our pleasure to announce Gala is back and more determined than ever, armed with a gloriously addictivenew single Taste Of Me (Deluxe Edition). From the massive global success of her previous hit songs, Gala continues to shake up the electro dance music scene with the release of her newest master-fusion of lyrical power, infectious chorus and danceable rhythm. Leading on from her most recent single, Lose Yourself In Me, a club and radio hit in Europe, Taste of Me is the second single of her conceptual singles trilogy. The song was produced by Marcus Bell and mixed by Andros Rodriquez whose credits include Florence and The Machine, Lenny Kravitz, and Kelly Clarkson. Inspired by her passion for choreography and fondness of Hitchcock’s “The Rope,” Gala developed a bold concept for a music video: one lateral tracking shot of an intimately choreographed performance. Produced by GOOD COMPANY co-founders Jonathan Lia and Brian Welsh, this production was a labor of love. Choreographed in collaboration with Benoit Swan, Artistic Director of New York’s Avant-garde dance company Cedar Lake, and directed by New York based French director Alexandre Moors (Kayne West’s “Runaway”). Gala’s video features amongst others Dancer Alvin Ailey and Choreographer Abdur Rahim Jackson.The Deluxe EP includes a remix by infamous UK production house Bimbo Jones, along with Almighty, Starkillers and Hoxton Whores mixes. A strong body of videos, Behind The Scenes clips and documentaries can be accessed online. With a host of international tour dates on the horizon, and armed with a brand new sound. Gala is back, and we’re extremely happy about it!


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